Frequently Asked Questions

What type of insurance do I need if I am completing SPT on an unpaid basis?

Volunteers are not covered by the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB). You should arrange for your own student accident insurance (sometimes called accidental death and dismemberment or AD&D insurance) that is comparable to WSIB. The College does not endorse any particular insurance carrier.

What should I do if I found someone to be my preceptor but they are not listed in the dropdown list of preceptors?

If the pharmacy technician or pharmacist has never been a preceptor before, they must complete the online preceptor training and notify the College that they have done so using the form provided.

If the preceptor is currently training another pharmacy technician applicant or serving as a PACE assessor, they cannot be your preceptor until they have completed supervising their current SPT pharmacy technician applicant or PACE candidate.

What are the time commitments for SPT?

Full-time SPT is based on a model of 35 hours a week for a minimum of 12 weeks. Being in the pharmacy more than 35 hours per week will not reduce the minimum 12 weeks of training. Two part-time models are also available.

For all three models of SPT, 18 hours per week must be completed under the supervision of your preceptor. The remainder of the time can be delegated to another supervising pharmacy technician or pharmacist as appropriate. This supervisor does not need to be a trained preceptor.

What mark do I need to pass SPT?

Successful completion of SPT is based on your demonstration of competence for entry-to-practice as outlined by NAPRA. By the end of your SPT period, your activities must be satisfactorily completed and your preceptor must be satisfied that you have met the required competency level by rating your performance as Satisfactory or better on the final assessment. If you are not able to demonstrate your entry-to-practice competence within the minimum duration, your SPT will be extended.

What if I need an extension of my training?

Either you or your preceptor should contact a registration advisor at to discuss an extension to allow for sufficient time to further develop your competence. Additional assessments will be added to allow monitoring of your progress.

What happens if I need to take a break during SPT?

Although it is preferred that the training is completed on a continuous basis, the College understands that due to a variety of circumstances, you may need to take a break during your SPT. Email (and copy your preceptor) to notify us of the start and end dates of and the reason for the intended break. You will receive a confirmation email acknowledging your request. Any pending assessments should be completed prior to the break. You will be required to extend your training to make up the time that was missed. Prolonged breaks may negatively impact your competence and you may be required to further extend your training to attain the expected level of competence.

What if my preceptor needs to take a break?

If the preceptor takes a break of up to two weeks, supervision of the training can be delegated to another pharmacy technician or pharmacist. This supervisor does not need to be a trained preceptor. For breaks longer than two weeks, the training should either be put on hold or supervision should be transferred to another trained preceptor. Preceptors who require breaks longer than two weeks should email to notify us of the start and end dates of, and the reason for the intended break.

What should I do if I would like to change my preceptor during my training?

If you would like to switch to a different preceptor, please call us to discuss your situation. Registration Programs staff will ask you the reason(s) for wishing to change your preceptor, and also advise you about the timing and impact of changing your preceptor during your training.

After speaking to Registration Program staff, if you and your preceptor agree that you should switch to a different preceptor, you should ask your current preceptor to review any activities that you had already discussed and documented in the Training Portal and (if appropriate) approve them or post comments for you to address with your next preceptor. Both of you must complete any assessments that were due while you were training with your first preceptor, and your first preceptor must submit the Declaration of Incomplete Training through your Training Portal.

When you have found your next preceptor, you must email the following information to

  • New preceptor’s name
  • New preceptor’s OCP number
  • Pharmacy name
  • Pharmacy accreditation number
  • Proposed start date
  • Model of SPT (i.e., full time, ¾ time or ½ time)

Registration Programs staff will update your Training Portal file, including the due dates for all remaining assessments, and then email you and your new preceptor with a confirmation of your new training location and start date. Your new preceptor will also be sent their confidential Skilsure login information.