Information for PACE Coaching Pharmacists

I have been asked to be a PACE coaching pharmacist. What am I supposed to do?

You will oversee the practice development of a candidate whose PACE assessment identified practice performance gaps, and guide the candidate’s individualized development to help them prepare for their next PACE attempt.

Before agreeing to be someone’s coaching pharmacist, you should discuss with them if you and your practice site meet the characteristics expected of coaching pharmacists for PACE. You should also confirm that the candidate is currently registered as a pharmacy student or intern (see OCP’s Public Register for this information). If the candidate will be unpaid at your practice site, you may require them to obtain student accident insurance.

What is the difference between a coaching pharmacist and a PACE assessor?

A coaching pharmacist supports the applicant in the development of their competence and preparation for PACE reassessment. Some candidates may require training from their coaching pharmacist. A PACE assessor observes the candidate to assess their readiness to safely practise on their own as a pharmacist; no training is provided by the assessor.

What resources are available to help me be a coaching pharmacist?

You will find it helpful to review the Coaching Pharmacist Toolkit for PACE.