Information for Assessors

What does a PACE Assessor do?

PACE assessors supervise a candidate to help the College determine if that candidate has met the practical registration requirement.

Assessors directly observe the candidate over a specified period of time. Once this period is over, they use the validated Ontario Pharmacy Patient Care Assessment Tool (OPPCAT) to rate the candidate’s ability to demonstrate the entry-to-practice competencies outlined in the PACE Assessment Criteria, and then submit their completed assessment to the College.

The College applies a standardized scoring rubric to the assessor’s ratings to determine if the candidate has successfully demonstrated their competence at entry-to-practice or if additional development is required.

Who can be a PACE Assessor?

The College looks for the following when selecting assessors:

  • Experience providing patient care as a pharmacist in Canada for at least two years
  • Currently practicing a minimum of 24 hours per week in a community or hospital pharmacy in Ontario that supports a diverse patient population and delivers a wide range of pharmacy services
  • Understanding of and commitment to the Standards of Practice and the Code of Ethics
  • Strong advocate of outstanding patient care and public protection
  • Willingness to engage and maintain competence in using the assessment tool
  • Experience in fostering collaborative relationships
  • Excellent verbal, written and listening skills

For a detailed explanation of the requirements to become an assessor, please view our PACE Assessor Criteria.

What Are the Benefits of Being an Assessor?

PACE assessors:

  • Receive specialized training and ongoing skills development opportunities
  • Develop skills and experience that will be considered for future roles with the College
  • Ensure that future pharmacists are competent to deliver patient care
  • Are publicly recognized as practice leaders in Pharmacy Connection, the College’s quarterly magazine
  • Receive an official Certificate of Appointment from the College

Assessors who have already supervised a PACE candidate reported that having a candidate at their pharmacy had a positive impact, and they learned some great ideas from their candidate that actually ended up helping to improve their own practice. To read more about the experiences of the assessors in our pre-pilot program, read the article “Leadership, Learning, and Giving Back.”

How Can I Apply to Be an Assessor?

Those interested in applying to be an assessor are asked to complete this application form, provide a reference who can comment on their suitability as an assessor, and then email the form back to

The College will review the application and may contact potential candidates for further information. Selected applicants will be required to successfully complete assessor training and attend an assessor training workshop before they can be appointed a PACE assessor.

For questions or more information on PACE, please email