Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Standard Error of Measurement (SEM)?

The Standard Error of Measurement (SEM) is the range that accounts for differences in test scores by different assessors and different versions of the test.

How does the College apply the SEM?

If your test score is below the minimum cut score but within the range of the posted SEM, your scores will be considered acceptable. If your test score is below the minimum cut score and below the range of the posted SEM, you are not considered to have met OCP’s language proficiency requirement.

Do I have to take the full language proficiency test in the same sitting?

Some components of the CanTEST and TestCAN may be taken separately. Please see their website for more information. All components of the TOEFL, MELAB and IELTS must be attempted at the same sitting in order for the results to meet OCP's language proficiency requirement.

How long are my test scores valid for?

Test scores are valid for two years and must remain valid for you to progress in the registration process.

What if my test scores have expired?

When you are ready to submit your next application for registration, please e-mail to request consideration for an extension of your test scores. If you have recently successfully completed the IPG Program, Practice Assessment of Competence at Entry (PACE) or your Structured Practical Training (SPT), a College staff member may be able to extend your scores. If you have not successfully completed any part of the IPG Program, PACE or your SPT, your request will be referred to a panel of the Registration Committee.

How does OCP receive my test scores?

Test scores must be sent directly to OCP by the testing institution. Please submit a legible copy of your results for verification.
OCP can verify IELTS and MELAB test scores online.
  • For IELTS, OCP staff must be able to read the Test Report Form number in the bottom right hand corner of the report.
  • For MELAB, OCP staff requires your:
    • Full name
    • Date of birth
    • Registration number (or MELAB ID number)
    • Test location
    • Date of test

What can I submit to the Panel to show non-objective evidence of language proficiency?

There is no restriction on the type of information you may submit to a panel. However, it must be sufficiently reliable and persuasive to satisfy a panel that you possess reasonable language proficiency in English or French. The following is a list of examples you might submit:
  • Evidence of previous successful English or French language proficiency test scores (as listed on the language proficiency requirements for pharmacists or language proficiency requirements for pharmacy technician pages)
  • Evidence that your elementary, secondary and pharmacy education was undertaken in English or French
  • Evidence that you obtained your pharmacy degree at a faculty of pharmacy where the language of instruction was English or French, followed by practice in an English or French speaking environment
  • Evidence of a long-standing history of working in a pharmacy-related environment where services were provided in English or French verified by regulated professionals or recognized academics
  • Evidence of your having authored pharmacy publications in English or French, accompanied by evidence from your professor/supervisor attesting to your language proficiency