Panel Submission Tool

In preparing your submissions for the Panel, answering the following questions may help you ensure a complete submission.


  • Have you completed any education other than your first professional pharmacy degree? (PharmD, Masters in Pharmacy, PhD in Pharmacy etc). How current was the education?
  • Have you completed any additional continuing education courses?
    • Was there an evaluation component?
    • Was the course material related to clinical pharmacy practice or the Canadian health care system?
  • Have you completed any of the International Pharmacy Graduate Program at the University of Toronto (Canadian Pharmacy Skills I or II) or any other bridging programs for Canadian pharmacy practice?

Pharmacy Practice Experience

  • How many years have you practiced pharmacy and when was the last time you practiced?
  • Was it clinical practice (i.e. patient care) or non-clinical (i.e. industry, research, academia, administration)? Please explain.
  • What was the scope of your pharmacy practice and how does it compare to scope of practice in Canada?
  • Have you completed any structured practical training in Canada? Have you completed any practical training in another jurisdiction?

Assimilation into Canadian Culture (Cultural Competence)

  • What prior education did you complete in Canada (e.g. elementary or secondary school or university/college programs)? How did this experience help your understanding of Canadian culture?
  • What is your understanding and/or experience with the Canadian health care system? What type of exposure have you had?
  • Are there any similarities to Canadian culture and its health care system and the country/countries in which you have lived and/or practiced?
  • Have you completed any courses that are designed to provide information about the Canadian health care system and/or pharmacy practice in Canada?

Language Proficiency

Answering the questions in this tool may also assist applicants making a request to a panel for acceptance of non-objective evidence of language proficiency. You must ensure your submissions, including employment or reference letters, address your English or French language proficiency.