Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a separate panel fee?

No. When you submit an Application for a Certificate of Registration, you must pay an application fee. If you do not meet all the requirements for that certificate of registration or are asking for an exemption from a requirement, your Application will be referred to a panel of the Registration Committee. Once you are eligible for registration (regardless of the Panel’s decision), the fee you initially submitted will be applied to that specific application provided you register within one year from the initial application date.

What should I tell my employer to include in a confirmation of employment letter for the panel?

Your employment confirmation letters should include the start and end dates that you worked or volunteered at the company, the average number of hours per week you worked, your job description and specific duties, and how well you performed your work. Information that relates to the reason your application is being referred to a panel (e.g., additional education/training, fluency, character) should also be included. The letter should include the date it was written, and include the writer’s full name and contact information. If the person writing the letter is a member of the College, they should also include their OCP number.