Assistance for Registrants

Since 2004, the College has offered an assistance program offering intervention, assessment, and monitoring to its registrants experiencing work/life stress, concerns about their mental health or substance use problems.

As of July 5, 2019, Lifemark Health Group will provide case management and monitoring services for registrants on behalf of the College. Under the Ontario Pharmacy Health Program (OPHP) administered by Lifemark, the primary objective is to ensure that registrants receive appropriate treatment and monitoring services and remain in stable recovery thereby allowing them to practise safely when they return to the practice environment. The program is available to all registrants of the College.

Registrants can access the program directly and anonymously. Access can also be facilitated on behalf of the registrant by the College.

Note: The program was previously administered on behalf of the College as the Ontario Pharmacy Support Program by the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH). CAMH no longer provides this service. Those currently participating in the CAMH program have been notified of the transition to Lifemark and the College is working closely with both Lifemark and CAMH to ensure an effective and seamless transition to the new program.