Tips on Finding a Pharmacy Professional

There are several ways to find information about a pharmacy professional

Searching Tips

  • Fill in only the fields you know — it’s not necessary to complete every field
  • Be sure that you spell words correctly
  • If you can’t find what you are looking for, try using different search fields or broadening your search by filling in fewer search fields
  • Don’t include “Ontario” in your address
  • Don't use accents in your search terms

More Search Options

If you need more options or want to find a group of pharmacy professionals that meet certain criteria, you can use More Search Options. Here, you can search for pharmacy professionals by;

1. Type. Find the definition for each type of pharmacy professional in the Glossary of Terms.

  • Pharmacist
  • Pharmacy technician
  • Intern
  • Student

2. Practice Status. Find the definition for each practice status in the Glossary of Terms.

  • Can provide patient care (no conditions)
  • Can provide patient care (with conditions)
  • Does not provide patient care
  • Not entitled to practise

3. Language. Find the full list of languages that can be searched on the Language Search page.

4. Registration number. Find the definition for registration number in the Glossary of Terms.

5. Designated Managers. Find the definition for designated managers in the Glossary of Terms.

6. Health profession corporations. Find the definition for a health profession corporation in the Glossary of Terms.

7. Pharmacists trained to administer injections

8. Concerns. Find useful definitions about concerns in the Glossary of Terms.

  • Any concern
  • Current concerns, including sub-searches for discipline, conditions to practise, caution or remedial training, revoked license, federal or provincial charges or findings of guilt, and bail conditions
  • Previous concerns, including sub-searches for previous discipline, previous conditions to practise, previous caution or remedial training, or reinstatement following a revoked license

Concern IconA yellow circle with an exclamation mark inside will appear next to any pharmacy that the College has or had concerns about. Learn more about what’s public (and what’s not) about pharmacies.


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