Opening & Operating a Pharmacy

Whether you anticipate opening a new pharmacy, changing ownership (sale, acquisition), relocating or closing your pharmacy, the College requires timely notification and submission of documents and fees to ensure your transition is a smooth one.

As outlined by the Drug and Pharmacies Regulation Act, pharmacies must be owned and operated by a pharmacist or a corporation where the majority of directors of the corporation are pharmacists. Except for pharmacies operated under pre-1954 charters, corporations must also have the majority of each class of shares owned by and registered in the name of pharmacists or in the name of a pharmacy health profession corporation that is registered with the College.

The following fees are in effect:

  • Pharmacy new opening between May 10th and November 9th $1766.19 (incl. HST)
  • Pharmacy new opening between Nov 10th and May 9th $1236.22 (incl. HST)
  • Pharmacy change in ownership $1059.94 (incl. HST)
  • Pharmacy relocation $1059.94 (incl. HST)
  • Pharmacy amalgamation $1059.94 (incl. HST)